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All of the works represented on this website are unique, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted pieces of art. These pieces are available for sale at various venues.


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Christine Groppe has been working with glass for over 10 years. Her approach to glass art is one of a kind, from concept to finished product. Meticulous and highly creative, Christine has the ability to create stunning works of art at her studio in the Hudson Valley.  Christine invites you into her world of glass art.


Christine Groppe Art Glass
Glass Art Hudson Valley

A lifetime resident of the Hudson Valley Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in design. She worked for many years in an advertising agency executing corporate graphic design and began to explore photography in the Hudson Valley as well as while traveling abroad.

After spending many years in the two-dimensional world of graphic design and photography Christine became interested in three-dimensional art. According to Christine, “It’s a whole new world to explore. While being interested in many three dimensional mediums I keep being drawn back to glass. Initially it was stained glass, I then dabbled in blown glass, and now I am fully steeped in fused glass. Glass has endless possibilities.”

Another attraction Christine has expounded on is that “There are scientific limitations that make working with glass a challenge. The aspect of this challenge makes this even more rewarding… as well as sometimes more frustrating.”

Hudson Valley Art Glass shows 2021 2022
Custom art serving dish NYC


The best place to purchase C. Groppe glass is at a craft show. Click below to see the full list of upcoming events.


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